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Team JJ Racaza shooting in forest area

"It's official! I won the Production Division in the World Steel Challenge with a time of 92.78 seconds. Last years winning time was 94+seconds. I am very happy considering my very hectic schedule lately. Thanks to Ghost Holster, Caracal, ArchOil, Armscor Ammunition, LimCat Customs and Magnus Sports for all the support!" - Simon "JJ" Racaza

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"Even after 2,000 rounds through a factory Caracal, the gun still feels fresh." - Simon "JJ" Racaza


"You guys are on top of this quickly....I appreciate that. Been shooting for 50 years. Last 20+ yrs in USPSA, 3 gun & Steel Challenge... - Brian, J. Scotsdale, AZ


Glock 21 Barrel Looks Shiny After 125 Rounds of 45 ACP
"It was cleaned/treated with Archoil AR4200 before I shot it. You can see some of the barrel is still shiny. The Archoil CLP was not burned off by the powder heat and pressure..."
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"We tested today three Archoil firearm lubricating products, ideal for use in semi-automatic guns: the AR4200, AR4400, and the AR2400..." - All4Shooters.com


"Just wanted lo let you know that the lube came today. I immediately put it to use on one of my airguns.  I had my Crosman 2300kt customized pellet pistol broke down on the bench when the box showed up. I used the oil, spray lube and grease on it. I do notice a much smoother trigger and the pistol cocks much easier than before.  Thanks for the needle oiler too, nice touch. I wanted to just say thanks for the quick shipping and a product that does what is advertised." - Barry G.


"Mike. Your stuff blows away frog lube. Had two very dirty glocks. Used frog on one and your on the other. Not even close. I mean frog is ok, but your is much better and a lot less in cost
Thanks again
."- Rick Cote


Robbie McGinnis Shooting"Good day: I wanted to send your company an email concerning your AR4200. A short time ago, I switched from another lube to the AR4200. I compete in 3 Gun and recently was at the Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun in Kentucky. It rained for 2 of the three days, and was a wet and muddy mess. All three of my firearms were exposed to theses elements constantly. I cleaned and lubed them prior to the match. However, I did not lube them for the duration. Not once did I have any malfunctions while other shooters did. Two days after the match, I finally cleaned my guns and it was a very easy task. As you know, the AR bolt is always difficult to clean, but not with AR4200! All the carbon came right off. I am very impressed with your product and will continue using it and pass it along to my shooting friends. Thanks for making such a great product. My only wish is that it was slick enough to make me shoot faster. :) Thanks Again! "- Robbie McGinnis


"Attended a match today in Monson, MA, there were three new shooters in our squad that were college students. Two of them formed a shooting club of over 200 members at of all place UMASS at Amherst. Both of them were having gun problems, one with a Glock, other with a Smith & Wesson M&P, failures to feed, ejection issues, just massive problems on their first two stages..."- Mike Masselli, Competitive Shooter


"It's official! I won the Production Division in the World Steel Challenge with a time of 92.78 seconds. Last year’s winning time was 94+seconds. By the way, my total time here was actually a new world record in the production division.  Thanks Archoil for allowing my gun to perform smoothly!"
- Simon Joseph Echavez “JJ”Racaza


Gun and Archoil Gun Oil

"Gun looks dirty as heck... Shot about 4,500 rounds without cleaning it, just to test out the effects of ArchOil! This lube is amazing!"
- Simon "JJ" Racaza


"Here’s the latest results using the AR4200 & AR4400. I’ve used the R products for years so I cleaned the Glock 23 & Colt 1911 as usual, fired 100 rounds from each, then cleaned with the Arch oil products. Again, I fired 100 from each, and observed the residue. In short, I’m very pleased with the results!."- Dean

"I was telling you a story last time I was there about my Ruger stainless steel jamming during a bulls-eye match. It jammed twice on the second part of the match."-JoJo



"At the range we fire more effectively, less maintenance, less jamming in a dirt environment. Cleaning time afterwards back at the base has gone down approximately 50%. Every 5 months or so 1 glock 17 would have to be discarded due to rust or mechanical failures using Break Free. Since using the AR4200 lost none whatsoever. Our .50 on the cutter which had a really big corrosion problem practically only needs to be hosed off. That's what the guys do with their glocks and SIG Commando 552 (5.56) after returning from patrols with our 12 meter rhibs. Once every 3 days they do maintenance instead of every day!"- Aruba (Alexander Head of Coastguard)


"I recently competed in the 2014 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada. As I was packing my gear, and loading up my truck for the long week of intense shooting, as a last-minute thought I threw the 2 little samplers of Archoil Lubricant and CLP into my bag."- Jamie Franks


"Mr. Tim - I wanted to let you know that I have been a bit busy competing lately and going around teaching. I actually recently won the World Speed Shooting Title in the production division. I may be the first one to have won all 3 divisions. And I have to tell you that I had an interesting use of the ArchOil during that match."- Simon "JJ" Racaza (“JJ” WINS THE FASTEST SHOOTER IN THE WORLD)


"I purchased your firearm lube kit and have to say this stuff really works. I mainly use it on my airguns but plan on using it on my powder guns the next cleaning session.  The reason I am writing you is to let you know I have this older Sears/Crosman 1400 pump rifle that I rebuilt. After the rebuild it started not holding air with a few pumps. Just for the heck of it before tearing into it I used the AR 4400 oil down the valve. Now it holds air, shoots harder than it should. I had contacted you before purchasing this to see if it was safe for airguns and was assured it was..." - Barry G.


Note: Cooper Firearms uses the AR4200 and AR4400 at the OEM level and will soon be shipping out a sample with every gun sale and recommends ARCHOIL gun oil and grease for use on their guns.



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