Testimonial - Simon "JJ" Racaza


Simon JJ Racaza

"Even after 2000 rounds through my factory Caracal the gun still feels fresh" - Simon "JJ" Racaza


Watch the History Channel interview with JJ at this link: History Channel TOP SHOT Videos. 


At the age of 30, all his hard work is starting to pay off.  He will lead the US Gold Team to the 2011 World Shooting Championships as the #1 qualifier. With a full-time job as a federal agent/trainer, for the Department of Homeland Security, “JJ” manages to successfully juggle both his full-time job and compete at the pro-level. He is consistently one of the top contenders if not the top competitor in any match he enters.  A force to be reckoned with, it was noted on itstactical.com, “Unless you are talking about a Hi-Point or a Lorcin the gun you have will most definitely shoot better than 90 percent of the people holding it. This is a fact that can be proven time and time again. Good ammo and a brand name gun will be a better shooting package than most of us out there can use unless your name is JJ Racaza.


Here is an email from JJ to Mike Masselli from Go Green Technologies Corp.


Hey Guys,
I just want to thank you for the products sent. My gosh, I am now very excited to use the combinations starting from cleaning my gun and how to put it all together. I know the oil I have is already working very well by itself, so I can only imagine how this would work when its used all together. Just a secret, I hate hate hate, cleaning my guns... This oil makes it so easy for me, because for one it keeps it very clean and, like I said at Shot Show, it even keeps it feel "fresh" even after 2000 rounds through my factory Caracal! What I forgot to mention before was that I've also used my fully customized Limcat racegun and shot it over 1000 rounds without cleaning it and the gun had some black powder burns around it, but no gunk!


Hi Tim, Dave and Rick,
JJ Racaza was on the first season of Top Shot, is a Grand Master USPSA shooter and is the one I told you that he was looking for a new lube.  This was his message to me on Facebook today:
Hey Mike! Whats up? Sorry I missed this message. I dont get to check it much.The Achoils are amazing by the way. I love the one with the nano tech on it. They leave a slick feel to the gun. Maybe one day I can sell them on my site once I decide to start selling things.

Follow up E-mail:
I have done my due diligence man and I truly believe that its Archoil that will help me perform to that next level and a product that I can stand behind 100%. I have tested several oil companies and this was the one that stood out to me on both its function and performance. I loved the way my guns stayed clean and smooth even after a couple thousand rounds. I'm sure these are results that you guys already knew and I probably sound like a parrot. But I am just a bit excited, like I always do when a new company puts out a superior product. Thank you again! - "JJ"