Testimonial - Mike Masselli (Competitive Shooter)


Mike Masselli Shooting


From Mike Masselli (Competitive Shooter)

Hi Tim, Dave,

Attended a match today in Monson, MA, there were three new shooters in our squad that were college students. Two of them formed a shooting club of over 200 members at of all place UMASS at Amherst.  Both of them were having gun problems, one with a Glock, other with a Smith & Wesson M&P, failures to feed, ejection issues, just massive problems on their first two stages.  I brought them both over to the safe area, took their gun down and applied AR4200.  I wasn't sure if they had ammo or magazine issues, but figured we'd try this first. Low and Behold, both of them had flawless final 3 stages with no problems at all!


Awesome. I have to report that in all my years of shooting, I have never gone a full season without one single hiccup in the guns (pistols, rifle or shotgun). - Mike Masselli