Hi Guys,

I was telling you a story last time I was there about my Ruger stainless steel jamming during a bulls-eye match.
It jammed twice on the second part of the match.

I took the bottle of AR 4200 and went to put a little on but being in a hurry I put a lot on.


My first shot let off a lot of smoke out of the barrel. I shot my alibis. I shot the last round of the match (10 shots) with out a jam.

But here are some of the pictures of the gun and how dirty it was. And remember I was telling you the the oil does not allow stuff to sick to it? Well the pictures of the slide you can see where the oil got in well how it just pooled up.

Also while cleaning this there was no scraping I pretty much wiped everything or used the brush to clean it.
Nothing was stuck or burned into the gun.


Notice the trigger part it did not get much oil. Lead just stuck to it. But there was a light coat of oil on it from when ever I last cleaned it. It too cleaned very easy.

I think we can agree that the gun was pretty dirty. The picture of the rag is the first one I put down the barrel.
One would think that the gun being that dirty there would be a lot more lead in the barrel. But it was pretty clean looking too.


I have not found a way to get a picture of the inside of the barrel.
Just thought you would like to see it.

Later JOJO