Hi Mike,

I recently competed in the 2014 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada. As I was packing my gear, and loading up my truck for the long week of intense shooting, as a last-minute thought I threw the 2 little samplers of Archoil Lubricant and CLP into my bag.


My competition rifle is a slightly customized Gen-II Noveske Rifleworks 18" 'Rogue Hunter" SPR. I have been running this rifle *HARD* for over 2 years. This rifle has literally never had 1 single malfunction. Not one single malfunction of any kind EVER. The extreme dependability of this rifle lulled me into an unrealistic sense of security that it would never malfunction. So it wasn't until the rifle had its first malfunction ever half-way through the 4-day match, that it dawned on me that it had probably been nearly 2000 rounds, and probably 8 matches since it's last cleaning. 


Enter Archoil... I cleared the malfunction and finished the stage, but I did not have time to do a thorough break-down and cleaning of the rifle in the middle of the match, in the middle of the range that is in the middle of the hot Nevada desert. I took my rifle over to the 'Safe Area', removed and disassembled the BCG. I squirted a small amount of the Archoil CLP into the palm of my hand and rubbed the individual BCG components with it. This turned my hands as black as coal. I put a few drops of the Archoil lubricant into the upper receiver and chamber lugs of the rifle, reassembled and functioned-checked the rifle. 


With no further maintenance or cleaning of the rifle, it functioned flawlessly for the 2nd half of the match. The crude field-expedient application of a small amount of the Archoil restored the superior performance and dependability of my severely neglected and dirty competition rifle.


Since returning from that match, I used the Archoil products to clean and lubricate my competition rifle, shotgun, and 2 pistols, and the unbelievable results have earned Archoil a permanent place in my range bag!


~Jamie Franks
Top Shot All-Stars
Professional Marksman