Hi David,
Here’s the latest results using the AR4200 & AR4400. I’ve used the R products for years so I cleaned the Glock 23 & Colt 1911 as usual, fired 100 rounds from each, then cleaned with the Arch oil products. Again, I fired 100 from each, and observed the residue.  In short, I’m very pleased with the results!

The AR4200 clearly prevented what I consider normal deposits from accumulating within each models actions, and maintained a clean bore! Wow…did not know the new formulations were so far superior!?!

The AR4400 is another pleasant surprise, as both models felt better so how? I have meticulously detailed my G23 and C1911 for smooth performance, and yet the Archoil products improved everything about their functions.
Your new products are very impressive and deliver far more than what most would expect from current gun industry lubricates. Congratulations and thank for offering superior lubrication products for so many uses.

Best Regards,