Testimonial - Brian J. Scottsdale, Arizona


AR4200 CLP Firearms Oil

Hi Rick and David
You guys are on top of this quickly....I appreciate that.  Been shooting for 50 years.  Last 20+ yrs in USPSA, 3 gun & Steel Challenge.  I have tried every cleaner & gun oil on the market.  Many of them do fine...however, my guns have never been so clean even after shooting 3 to 4 hundred rounds as they have been with your product.

 USPSA I shoot 38 Super & Single Stack 45. The SS 45 I shoot lead due to cost & its filthy after a couple of hundred rounds.  I shoot allot of 22 in Steel Challenge & as you know, 22's gunk up the works quickly.  Taking apart a Ruger or Buckmark pistol is not easy, but in order for it to work every time it is imperative that you keep it clean. I was astonished at how little gunk had built up in all of my guns after using your product.

 I have given some to other shooters praising the benefits of this product.  Many just say they're happy with what they've been using. Some of the more serious & active shooters (2 to 3 matches per week plus practice) are always looking for a better 'Mouse Trap.'  My velocities did increase approximately 5 to 7% immediately after application...not that important to me....each gun seems to function smoother & more reliable....that's critical.  

I think you guys are on to something really good hereā€¦.
Thanks again,

Brian J.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254